Thursday, May 17, 2012

Visiting the Steeds

This past weekend we took a little weekend trip to Pinehurst, NC to visit Cope's sister Julie and her family. Derrick (Julie's hubby) is in the Air Force so they move around lots and we usually only get to see them once during the summer and once at Christmas. That will just not do because Ramsey LOVES his cousins Mattie and Caroline so much! he talks about them ALL the time and always ask when he can play with them again. 
So, we made it to North Carolina Friday afternoon and Ramsey and the girls played, played, and played some more. Actually I hardly saw Ramsey the whole weekend. He was busy. We mostly hung around their house which was nice and relaxing. We ate some great food and mostly just caught up on each others lives. Here are some pics from our adventure:

Cope playing with the kids in the front yard:
 Caroline and Ramsey playing:
 Derrick Cooking:
 Cope blowing out a candle for an early Birthday celebration:
 Ramsey and Caroline:
 Mattie and Pirate Ramsey:
 Gun and headdress:

 Getting Ready to play rock band:
 Ramsey on the mic and Mattie on drums:
 The guys Jammin'
 Mouth covered in chocolate from his ice cream sandwich:

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