Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cope's 32nd Birthday Party

Last Friday we celebrated Cope's 32nd Birthday with a game night at our house. We had 3 rounds of inside games (Taboo, Scatergories, and dice game called Greedy) and then the top winner of those got to go outside for a grand finale game of Corn Hole. There were prizes for each winner of the mini games of lottery ticket and the grand prize winner got a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Most everyone brought their A-Game and the final winners were Josh and Ryan. It was close and super fun. Sometimes all you need for a good evening is food, friends, and games!

Happy Birthday to Cope! We have been together 11 years and I can truly say I feel like one lucky girl to be doing life with such a wonderful partner.

Greedy Table:
 Ramsey got in on the action:
 Scatergories concentration:
 A slight break in the Taboo room:
 Cake Time! I got the chocolate Ganash cake from Publix. Holla!
 Make a wish babe!:

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