Thursday, May 10, 2012

End of The year School Party

This past Tuesday Ramsey had his end of the school year party at our favorite party place Devil Rays gymnastics center! It was just for his class of 14 so the kids had the huge place all to themselves. They also had a chic-fil-a lunch. We have loved his entire class this year. They are all such good buddies and Mrs.Rosemary their teacher is exceptional! I could almost cry about how much we'll miss her. Thankfully most of his classmates will be around for their Pre-k year next year but they will just have a different teacher. I am so thankful for Sam Jones pre-k and how much we love it. it is a great fit for Ramsey! Here are some pics from the party:

Ramsey and his buddy JT:
 Jumping on the trampoline:
 Wall climbing:
 Go Ramsey:
 Playing in the pit:
 Little Monkey:
 Ramsey and Harper Cole:
 Lunch Time:
 His whole class:
 Cute gifts for the kiddos from the parents:
 Everyone playing on the slide:
 Sweet Boy:

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