Sunday, November 30, 2008

1st Birthday Party

Warning: This is a long post of mostly pictures but since I make a blog book for Ramsey I wanted to include them all.

We had Ramsey's 1st birthday party this past Friday evening. He doesn't actually turn 1 until the 4th but since Cope was in town for Thanksgiving we pushed up the party a few days. Let me begin by saying that 6:00pm is not the best time to have a party for a 12 month old who woke up from his only nap of the day at 1:00pm. Not sure what I was thinking but we pressed on. Ramsey did AWESOME pretty much up until the end. We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and he had his own little cake to dig into. He gave the term smash cake a whole new meaning. I really had no idea how he would react to everyone staring at him and singing to him at the table but he grinned and dove right in. He got cake everywhere. Cope had to take him to the bath right away (which totally confused him b/c bath time usually signals bedtime for him) and then he rejoined his party for opening gifts and playtime with his little friend Anna that attended.

It really was a fun party and I was so proud of Ramsey for how sweet he was even though he was way over tired. Around 7:30 he had had enough and begun to meltdown so we hurried everyone off and got our little birthday boy to bed for some much needed rest. Cope and I love to entertain and we are so thrilled that our first party in our new home was for our sons first Birthday party. We love our little guy more than words can say and we know we are blessed beyond our dreams.
Here he is getting his first look at his cake and not really sure what to do with it. I seriously thought he would either throw the whole thing in the floor or possibly just put a finger in it:
But you can tell by the look on his face he knew exactly what to do:
He only tasted a small bit and much preferred to discover it with his hands first:
He was so into the cake he did not even notice I had put that silly hat on him:
Stopping for a little clapping break:
It is hard to clap with a wad of icing in between your hands:
I mean he was seriously taking charge of this cake:
Sharing some with Mommy:
Rubbing it in his hair:Take that Mr. Birthday cake. I sure showed you who was the boss:
After his bath he got to open presents, He did wear a nice outfit to start the party but after that cake fun we decided he should be more comfy. After all this was his party:
His friend Anna helped him learn about maracas:

Aunt Paige and Ramsey testing out his new wagon from Grammy and Grampy.

Thank you to all who attended. It was fun. Ramsey got lots of nice gifts including a sand and water table, an entertainment table, bath toys, musical instruments, clothes, and lots of other fun goodies. Oh, and he danced a little for the crowd too. He is quite the party boy. Hum..wonder where he gets it?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dancing Machine

Ramsey decided to perform for us all after a wonderful Thanksgiving feast today. We were all laughing so hard we just about peed our pants. Notice how he kicks that one leg out to get even more into it. Does this kid have rhythm or what?

Scroll down for more pics from our fun Thanksgiving Day.

Last First Holiday

Today was Ramsey's last first holiday. We had a wonderful turkey day over at Cope's parents and my Mom and Morgan came along to celebrate and give thanks for year well lived. Here are several pictures from our fun day.
Daddy and Ramsey checking out the new toy:He found this broom on the hearth an proceeded to sweep for at least 30 minutes. At least I've taught him something thus far:Looking through the glass door:

My Dad and Donna come over to bring Ramsey his birthday present early since we're having his party tomorrow night and my Dad has round 3 of high school football playoffs:Ramsey being a ham:Fun day with a fun little boy:


On a day such as Thanksgiving I suppose I tend to reflect a little more than usual and step back from my life and see all that we have and how full it truly is. I am so thankful that Cope made it safely to Georgia last night to be with Ramsey and I for the holiday weekend especially when there was a major snow storm in northern NY and many flights were grounded. I am thankful for our new home that is more than I ever could have dreamed of. I am incredibly grateful for Ramsey. Even though he is challenging me quite a bit lately I have never felt more joy in my whole life. He is one amazing little boy. I remember Thanksgiving last year when I was eagerly anticipating his arrival. This year he will be seated at the table with us munching on all the delicious goodies and sharing in our thanks for such a wonderful day of reflection. That is of course if he doesn't climb out of his chair in the meantime :) I am thankful for our dogs, Sage and Bentley, and our wonderful parents who would truly do anything for us. Last but never least I am super thankful for us getting through this past year with our heads up and our hearts full of love.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby Manual?

Where is that darn baby manual when you need it? Ramsey has been super uncooperative at eating time and when placed in his high chair he tries to climb out and when I make him sit down and eat he basically cries the whole time. Now there are times he'll be sweet and eat 2 jars of baby food and then finger items as well. Not lately. I thought maybe he was over baby food so I tried putting veggies on his tray but he would try those and spit them right out or throw them in the floor for the dogs. If I put cheese and bread he likes those but I don't want to start my child off on the wrong foot in the food choices department. He has been so fussy lately that I took him to the pediatrician this morning thinking maybe he is cutting his molars or maybe his ear infection is back. Nope. The doctor was very nice but informed me that he is no longer a baby and now is considered a toddler. She said at this stage they are exercising their independence and are learning that they have some control over their environment. Great. Maybe that is why lately when we go shopping he only wants to sit in the cart for like 5 minutes before trying to stand up. I then put him in the big part of the buggy and let him ride standing only he also tries to climb out as soon as I stop. I'm thinking Christmas shopping will be a blast this year. As Ramsey is getting older he is getting so much more fun but darn if some things get harder. So if anyone knows where that baby/toddler manual is would you please send it my way? I sure could use it on a day such as this.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Almost One

Ramsey will turn one in about 10 days and we're having his party a few days early so that Cope can be here for the bash. I've invited about 15 people. I promise I am way more excited than anyone for him to get new toys and other goodies. New toys always keep his attention for at least a little while??? I ordered his cake today from Publix which I am drooling over just thinking about the deliciousness. Really, I know we'll all have a fun time and if it isn't perfect that is fine. It will be perfect just because we are celebrating our little boys birthday in our first house and his Daddy is finally home. My friend Katie and I are taking him to Monkey Joe's on his actually Birthday and I know if he can climb and be ALL BOY he will have the best birthday and ONE year old could hope for. Here is his invite my Mom (AKA Photo Shop Genius) created for his party:

I'm not sure what happend to the color when transferring it to the blog but where you see blue it is red and not so weird looking. Yes, those are our dogs in the wagon (Emma (mom's dog), Sage, and Bentley):
Side Note: Our little French Bulldog, Bentley's Birthday is today. He is 4 years old!!! WOW! We didn't have our usual dog cake ingredients ( wheat bagel, hot dog, peanut butter, and cheese) so he happily settled for a PB sandwhich while Ramsey and I sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENTLEY!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Missing My Guy

I am truly missing Cope very much. It is so weird that he is finally home form Iraq but still not "HOME" with us. He is finishing his time in the Army at his duty station of Ft. Drum, NY. Cope will be home later this week for Thanksgiving and then pretty much for good (minus 2 more weeks in late January) starting around Christmas time. I am so thankful he made it safely through 14 months of deployment in a war zone but this still being apart is stinky. I mean it. By the time all is said and done it will be a total of about 18 months we have not been together. I try to not be negative Nelly but I just miss him. I am very ready to have him back in our daily lives FULL TIME so we can get back to the "us" that I miss so badly.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


My step-dad, Morgan has been working with Ramsey getting him to do the touchdown move during the Georgia games but usually Ramsey would just get a silly grin on his face and look at us like we were crazy. He has finally mastered the move and seems more pleased than ever with himself. So Papa Morgan this is for you and also for My Dad ( Grandpa Bruce) who is the head football coach for Gainesville High School and they just won their 12th strait game this season and are headed to round 3 of the playoffs. Go Red Elephants!

Friday, November 21, 2008

1st Cookie

Ramsey got to taste his first chocolate chip cookie the other day at my friend Katie's house. I have not given Ramsey hardly anything in the sweets department yet but there is a first time for everything. As you can see he enjoyed it! He has sense tried pudding and a bite of caramel corn and LOVED them both. Wonder where this kid gets his sweet tooth?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Bibs Are Here!

I have added 2 new bibs to my collection specifically for the 2008 holiday season. Grab one for your tot and your friend's as well. They will make the perfect unexpected gift! Also, check out my other items at

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sweat Shop

The sweat shop is up and running here at our new house. My Mom brought the embroidery machine over today so I would not have to make the trek back and forth across town every time I had an order to fill. So now when I get new orders I can get them out with the quickness. If anyone needs baby gifts just let me know. Don't forget Christmas is coming up and the make excellent holiday gifts as well.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moving Stinks

So the movers finally got to our house yesterday about 3:00pm (4 hours later than expected). I was a little mad at first but the guys were so nice and helpful I changed my tune fairly quickly. I am just tired of moving. I feel like I've been doing it forever. I know we are on the home stretch and I'll get through it but I sure wish Cope were here to help. He wants to be here too but since he is coming for Thanksgiving it is just not feasible to make such a trip on short notice ( we did not know they were delivering our stuff till Firday afternoon). I don't mind unpacking the boxes but I am just not sure where to put ALL the STUFF??? I am the type of person that needs a specific place for EVERYTHING!!! So figuring out those places is a little overwhelming at the moment. My Mom and Morgan have been miracle workers for us in that they have helped with Ramsey, put a new outlet on our dryer, cleaned out our flower beds, and helped me with the DVR box. I am very thankful for them. Cope is resting up this weekend for all the honey-do list I'll come up with by next weekend. Oh, and Ramsey has been such a trooper. He has been playing lots in his play yard, and the moving boxes have kept him entertained to no end. So I might have a long week ahead and moving sure does stink but it gets us to the place we ultimately want to be.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Morning-Waiting on the Movers

Ramsey and I have been very impatiently waiting on the movers to get here with all of our stuff from Ft. Drum today. They told us to expect them around 11:00am and they just called to say it might be more like 2:00pm. Darn it! I'm not sure how it will all go down with Ramsey fully awake the whole afternoon but it will no doubt be interesting I'm sure. In the meantime I took a few pictures of Ramsey in his latest game day suit. The video at the bottom is of his newest skill of being able to climb off a chair without crashing to the floor.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Day Trip

Ramsey and I took a quick little Friday afternoon trip to visit Cope's parents who live in Bowdon. It is about 1.5 hours away so Ramsey got in a good nap and was full speed the whole time we were there. We had a good time and he crashed 5 minutes into the car ride home. He is cutting his 8th tooth this week so it is making him a little fussy and not quite as hungry. Other than that he is being a total champ about it. We got a call today that out stuff from storage in NY will be arriving around lunch tomorrow. Yeah! I was hoping to enjoy the UGA game over at my Mom and Morgan's but I suppose getting my dishes, washer/dryer, and many other much needed things will just have to take a little more precedence. Thankfully we have a new 46' TV that will provide great DAWG coverage while me and the little wild man unpack.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What A Helpful Child

Ramsey is more helpful than ever these days. Below are a few examples of his latest handy work.
He is learning how to unload the napkins from our kitchen drawers:

He likes to leave them around for me in case I were to need one in a hurry. He is so kind:
He also is great as climbing through his clothes bags in his closet:
Who needs toys when there is a climbing gym right in your closet?:
Why Do I have the feeling this is just one of the many times I'll be posting about how "helpful" Ramsey is becoming these days? It is also funny that instead of getting on to him I run for my camera. Sometimes it is just way more fun to join them in their learning adventures.