Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Bowdon

We headed to Bowdon around lunch time on Christmas day. It had already begun to snow but after living up north for 4 years in the frozen tundra we felt safe to tackle the few inches we were getting. We had a fun day full of presents, food, family. These pictures below are in o particular order:
Cope and Me posing in the snow:

Grandparents with Grand kids:Annual ornament swap Christmas night with Dobsons/Rowells. This is the Rowell side:

We actually went to Bowdon a week before Christmas to see Spencer, Bonnie, and their little girl Marilyn:

Ramsey opening a present:

Rowell/Steed gang:
I brought 2 mermen ornaments to the swap this year and they were a hit!:
Merilyn 14 months old:
Cousins table at lunch:

Grampy checking out Ramsey's new combine:

of Course being Christmas day we had to bring out furry kids with us:
Lunch Time:

Ramsey opening presents:

Cope and Ramsey exploring the snow on the 4-wheeler:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve Brunch

Christmas Eve morning we headed over to my sisters apartment for Brunch with my Dad, Donna, Megan, and Tom. It was some yummy food with Estrada, french toast, and monkey bread. We then opened some gifts and just hung out for a bit.

Megan and Tom:
Me and Ramsey checking out his new firetruck:
Paige the cook:
Ohh, nice UGA garden tile:
Firetruck Legos:

Can you tell how thrilled he is here? It was close to nap time:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little Boy Christmas Party

My friend Kelly came up with the idea to get our little boys and several of their friends together to do a present exchange but the catch was you had to recycle 3 toys they didn't play with anymore for the exchange. So it didn't cost a thing and was super fun! We ended up having 6 little boys and their mommies over. We had pizza and other snacks and even decorated some cookies. With six 2-4 year olds running around it was WILD and someone was constantly crying (it was usually Ramsey because he didn't want to share his new Birthday toys). Here are some pics from the evening.

Ramsey and I:
Ty poured the entire bottle of sprinkles in his 1 cookie: Colin was a perfect little gentleman:

Harper Cole eating the icing right from the bag: Connor getting some special Mommy and Me time:

Connor's new little brother Landon. Isn't he sweet:

Time For presents. The exchange went pretty well and everyone brought very cool toys:
Our attempt at getting the 6 of them to pose for a picture. Notice my child is being the most uncooperative?
(Ramsey Rowell, Avery May, Ty Young, Harper Cole Eubanks, Colin Nelson, Connor Whitton)

Crazy kid:

Just being silly:

Man little boys are fun!

Monday, December 27, 2010

One More Santa Goodie

My Mom and Morgan came over Christmas morning for breakfast and to see what Santa had left for Ramsey. They knocked on the door all excited that they found something outside that Santa had left. We didn't even think to check outside. Silly us, because he had left a power wheels lightning McQueen race car. Man, that Santa guy sure knows what Ramsey likes. Thanks Santa for treating our little guys so wonderful this year.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa was Here!!!

Santa was definitely good to our little guy this year. We are so thankful for so many things this year but especially our little wild man. He had a total "Cars" Christmas this year. He now has at least 50 die cast cars and every accessory and play set you could imagine. He got snacks, PJ's, and lots of books too. Here was the display Santa left:

A Lightning McQueen desk and chair:

View of Santa loot from the stairs:
Leftover snack from Santa and his reindeer:

Ramsey posing with his goodies:

Making a silly face at his desk:

Ramsey slept until 7:00am but I was so excited for him I woke up several times last night to look at the clock. Oh, the joy of having a child at Christmas time!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

The Cartersville Country Club has an annual breakfast with Santa each Sunday for the month of December. I love this because it is so much more relaxed then waiting in line at the mall and not to mention the yummy food too. Last year Ramsey would not even get his picture made so I had had little expectations this year, but he did great! He took Santa his little list and smiled for his picture. I was so proud of him.

We invited my Mom and Morgan (because we like them of course and because they are the actual members of the Country Club) and my sister too. Here is Ramsey enjoying some ice cream after breakfast. It was actually like 1:00pm at this time.

Ramsey not sure about Santa so he needed to get some nervous energy out by playing first:
Such a big boy!: (it's a picture of a picture that is why is looks weird)

Picture we got 2 years ago. This one always makes me laugh. Just look at the pain on his little face:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Program at Preschool

Ramsey had his little Christmas program at preschool last Friday. He did great and waved and said "hey mommy" from the stage. They sang about 6 or 7 songs and all looked so cute. After that we went back to his classroom for a little (sugar) party. He of course found his chair right next his best girl Annabelle. It is so cute, they push their chairs as close together and enjoy their snacks side by side each day at school.