Monday, December 6, 2010

Ramsey's Birthday

Ramsey celebrated his Birthday at preschool on Friday. Here is is sitting next to his best "gwirl" Annabelle. These two sit this close and in the same place everyday at snack time. His teachers say their a item. I asked Ramsey is he wanted me to bring cupcakes or just cake to his class and he said "umm, I think I just want gingerbread cookies and cheetos". What the birthday boy wants the birthday boy gets. My wonderful and talented Mom made Ramsey gingerbread cookies in the shapes or R's and 3's and I provided the Cheetos.

Later that Day we headed to Augusta, GA for Cope's military ball. Normally we would have left Ramsey home with one of his grandmothers but since his Birthday was Saturday I just had to bring him with us. Thank goodness I did because he woke up in the middle of the night throwing up all over the bed we were in. He proceeded to throw up 5 more time through out the night so we all got about 4 hours of sleep. I was glad he was with us so I could take care of him. Besides being tired he was acting fine so we gave him his presents that morning:

After breakfast I took him to target to get new PJ's since his had vomit on them and let him pick out a few little cars. He basically got spoiled rotten all day but he was so sweet in return.

We had a great weekend and I enjoyed being with Ramsey so much. Cope was pretty busy with his meetings so Ramsey and I we're buddies most of the weekend. It was so nice to just be with him and fully present. When we are at home I feel like I am always going 100 miles per hour (I am!) so it was nice to take a time out and truly be with Ramsey. So on his 3rd birthday I was more grateful then ever for my little buddy. I am a lucky Mommy!


The Tooles said...

Happy Birthday Ramsey...sorry he was feeling a little under the weather. All the more reason to get spoiled on your special day=)

The Tooles said...

Thank you for offering to make Mya something..I know you are SO busy right now! When you do embroider her name, it is spelled MYA (not MAYA). Thanks again=)