Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little Boy Christmas Party

My friend Kelly came up with the idea to get our little boys and several of their friends together to do a present exchange but the catch was you had to recycle 3 toys they didn't play with anymore for the exchange. So it didn't cost a thing and was super fun! We ended up having 6 little boys and their mommies over. We had pizza and other snacks and even decorated some cookies. With six 2-4 year olds running around it was WILD and someone was constantly crying (it was usually Ramsey because he didn't want to share his new Birthday toys). Here are some pics from the evening.

Ramsey and I:
Ty poured the entire bottle of sprinkles in his 1 cookie: Colin was a perfect little gentleman:

Harper Cole eating the icing right from the bag: Connor getting some special Mommy and Me time:

Connor's new little brother Landon. Isn't he sweet:

Time For presents. The exchange went pretty well and everyone brought very cool toys:
Our attempt at getting the 6 of them to pose for a picture. Notice my child is being the most uncooperative?
(Ramsey Rowell, Avery May, Ty Young, Harper Cole Eubanks, Colin Nelson, Connor Whitton)

Crazy kid:

Just being silly:

Man little boys are fun!

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Brandi Beals said...

The pic of all the boys is SO funny!! Dont you just love them!