Friday, December 17, 2010

Ramsey's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Ramsey's birthday on the 11th at a local gym in Cartersville. It is a tumbling and gymnastics center called Devil Rays and they had blow up jumpys and it ended up being great for kids of all ages and even the adults. Cope was sore the next day from playing so hard. We ended up having 34 kids come and along with their parents it ended up being quite a big event. Ramsey got so many gifts we had to take them home and he has been opening gifts all this past week. Toys are EVERYWHERE!
Cope jumping on the trampoline:
Mattie Climbing the rock wall over the foam pit:Ramsey climbing on a bouncy:Uncle Derrick doing some intense bouncing:Ramsey just watching his party with a big smile on his face:
Time for cake! He LOVED being the center of attention: Blowing out 3 candles:

Pizza, Cheetos, Gummies, and Cake. All of Ramsey's favorites:
We let him open a few presents so he wouldn't have a total fit:

Sitting next to his buddy Kaden:
Full House:

It was a great party and I am so thankful we didn't have it at our house this year. It is soooo much easier to have it at a play place and let them do the clean up. Happy 3rd Birthday to our WILD man. We have had the most adventure filled 3 years of our life thus far...

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