Saturday, December 11, 2010

Polar Express!

We headed to Chattanooga, TN last night to ride the Polar Express to the North Pole to pick up Santa. We went with our friends Kelly and Tom and their son Ty (AKA Ramsey's best buddy) and our other friends Jim and Jenn and their two kids Nate and Emily. We left town about 4:30 stopped for dinner and then made it to the train in time. We had great seats on the train and everyone enjoyed it! We heard the story of the polar express the kids got cookies and chocolate milk and then we hit the north pole to get SANTA! Santa got on and visited with each kid. Ramsey went right to to and smiled for the picture like it was his job. He asked Santa for a "race car" and was so proud of himself. After we got back to the depot and we're about to get off the train he said "but where is my race car?" He is so used to instant gratification he doesn't quite get the the waiting until Christmas concept. I guess that is in part due to my awesome parenting. Anyway, it was a good little evening of Christmas magic for the kids and anything we can do to make out little charge smile, we're in!

He wore his new Chritmas PJ's and cool new slippers from Aunt Paige:
Ready to baord:
Cope and Tom:
In Awe!: Ramsey eating yogurt bites with Nate:

Seeing Santa's workshop:

Ramsey and Ty had the same PJ's and it wasn't even planned:

Best Santa pic ever! But then again not hard to be better then ones of him crying/melting down in Santa's arms:

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Beckie said...

So cool! That really is the best santa pic, he is so cute!