Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Bowdon

We headed to Bowdon around lunch time on Christmas day. It had already begun to snow but after living up north for 4 years in the frozen tundra we felt safe to tackle the few inches we were getting. We had a fun day full of presents, food, family. These pictures below are in o particular order:
Cope and Me posing in the snow:

Grandparents with Grand kids:Annual ornament swap Christmas night with Dobsons/Rowells. This is the Rowell side:

We actually went to Bowdon a week before Christmas to see Spencer, Bonnie, and their little girl Marilyn:

Ramsey opening a present:

Rowell/Steed gang:
I brought 2 mermen ornaments to the swap this year and they were a hit!:
Merilyn 14 months old:
Cousins table at lunch:

Grampy checking out Ramsey's new combine:

of Course being Christmas day we had to bring out furry kids with us:
Lunch Time:

Ramsey opening presents:

Cope and Ramsey exploring the snow on the 4-wheeler:

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