Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knight For Breakfast

Cope and I just got back from a LONG weekend trip to a cabin in Virginia with our friends from Ft. Drum, NY. There we 8 of us in total and we had a blast. Ramsey stayed at Cope's parents house (AKA Grammy and Grampy) and seemed to have more fun then us. Here is a picture of him in costume at their breakfast tables: More pics and tales to come...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let Summer Begin

Ramsey and I have started our summer off a little crazy. Last week it was double ear infections and this week it was a cavity filling. Yes, try holding a 3 year old down (kicking and screaming) to get a back tooth filled. Needless to say it wasn't fun but afterwards we went to Target and let him pick out a Cars 2 toy and then went swimming for the first time this year. I am loving the laziness of summer even though Cope is still working his regular schedule and I still have lots of embroidery orders that I am working on daily.

We have 2 vacations, Vacation Bible School, pre-school summer camp, swim lesson, Lake-Winnie, ATL aquarium, movies, play dates and lots more fun things in store for the summer. Bring on the hot days and Summer Fun!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Katie's 30th Birthday Bash

Saturday night we celebrated my friend Katie's 30th Birthday. It was lots of fun and started off with a limo ride from Katie's house to a downtown restaurant with 30 guest and a plated dinner. I had the salmon and it was yummo! We had the restaurant all to ourselves and even had a band and signature cosmopolitans to drink! We danced, mingled, acted silly and just really had a good time. Here are some pics from the night: All the Ladies ready to head out. We felt like we were going to prom: Cope and Me in the limo: Bigger group of ladies at dinner:

Katie and Me doing a prom pose: Limo ride back to Katie's:

Happy Birthday Katie!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Before I forget...

A few funny things from Ramsey as of lately before I forget them:

1) Yesterday he had said his throat was hurting and he said "Mommy it feels like I have a monster truck in my throat"

2) The other night we were laying on the sofa watching TV after dinner and Ramsey was messing around with legos when he said "Guess where my lego man is?" We had no idea so we asked him to tell us and he proceed to bend over and show us that he had hidden lego man in his butt cheeks. We then had a serious little talk about how we don't put things in there but I was laughing the whole time.

3) He is also on this new kick about lying and learning what a true lie is. Sometimes he'll ask me a question and then when I answer he'll say "Mommy, are you lying to me?"

4) The other night while I was giving him his bath we we're talking about how I take care of him and I asked him if he would take care of me when I am old and he is a man. He thought for a minute and said "Nah, I'll just send you to be with God". Needless to say he'll make quick work of me when I am no longer useful :)

5) One the way to church last week he asked Cope and me if we were going to be his teacher at Sunday school that day (Since we were the week before) and I said "No, mommy and Daddy are going to the service" and he said "Oh, I like the Circus!"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Visit to Grammy and Grampy's

Friday night Cope's parents (AKA Grammy and Grampy) met us in Acworth at out new favorite dining spot Moe's. Why Moe's? Because it is 3 doors down from my true desire Menchie's Ice Cream!!! We enjoyed dinner and then Menchie's (cake batter with cheesecake pieces on top is my for sure favorite!) then Ramsey headed to Bowdon with the grandparents and Cope and I went to see the new movie "Bridesmaids". Hilarious!

Ramsey always loves to go visit and play with Cope's old legos at Grammy and Grampy's. The next day the took him to a place called FOX Hall for a day full of fun! He had a blast and her are some pics from the adventure:

Thursday, May 12, 2011

End of the school year party

Yesterday was Ramsey's end of the school year party at Dac Kids. The entire preschool was there so it was crazy but super fun. Ramsey had a blast. He still has a little program on Friday at school but then summer break begins!

We had some time to kill before the party so we did some modeling at Wal-Mart:

Then is was on to Dac Kids:

After the party we went to our favorite ice cream store Menchies! For those of you who have not been to a Menchies...GO! It is sooo delicious and low fat! I seriously need an intervention.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

My Card From Ramsey: I am sooo thankful to be a Mommy and more importantly Ramsey's Mommy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Favorite Eating Place

You would think most kids would be drawn to chik-fil-a or McDonald's for the toys and playground but not Ramsey. Nope, his favorite eating place is Arby's. He loves Jr.Roast Beef with ketchup. NO curly fries for this kid just the sandwich and Capri sun. He eats Arby twice a week and I honestly don't feel like it is too bad for him. He is not a big eater still so if he really likes something remotely healthy we run with it. He usually can eat the whole sandwich and one time he even ate two! Here is is eating dinner in the car after soccer last night:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just a few Random pics

Ramsey loves to harass our little dog Bentley. This looks pleasant but he was playing football and tackling for Bentley all morning:

Ramsey loves our neighbor Emma. The other day she drove up and picked him up for some playtime: Ramsey loves his MobiGo games and also his latest favorite is playing angry bird on Cope's phone. It is a father/son bonding thing in the evenings sometimes: