Sunday, April 11, 2010

Car Show

Last Saturday night we went with our friends Kelly and Tom and their little boy Ty (who just happens to be Ramsey's BFF) to the car show downtown. You know you are the mother of a little boy when this becomes your Saturday night event. Ramsey loved it!
Cope thought his Dad would appreciate this car:

They had a big slide and yes, that is Ramsey coming down head first:Ramsey is mad b/c we made him get off:
Posing beside Doc Hudson:
This nice lady let Ty sit in her "Race car" :


jill said...

how fun!!! love his mad face ... precious! can't believe he did the big slide all by himself?! i'd have been scared! ha! :)

Erin Duvall said...

yep. he is all boy. cute.

The Tooles said...

Since he loves the Cars movie so much I can definately see this being a big hit! Head first on the fear=) Oh, I sure hope Bentley is recovering well. Don't you wish dogs were smart enough to learn their lesson?