Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Update

We enjoyed a great weekend sticking close to home and having two of Cope's buddies fly in for a visit. Alex and Brent were both at Ft.Drum and in the same unit with Cope. We were supposed to attend a local event event called Steeplechase on Saturday but waking up to thunderstorms quickly had us come up with a plan B. We headed to my Mom's since they have a finished basement with a pool table, big screen TV and full kitchen. We thought we'd just bring our party there and enjoy staying dry. On the way over to my moms though she called and said her two french bulldogs, Molly and Emma, had somehow escaped and they could no find them. So we knew we should all help so we rode the neighborhood that is HUGE (planned to have 3,000 homes) that my moms property backs up to. By noon Ramsey was falling asleep and so I took him on to my Moms and while he was eating lunch Emma popped up in the front porch window. She had found her way home but Molly was still MIA. So we (especially my mom and Morgan) spent the rest of the day combing the woods, driving around, calling her, clapping, whistling, and praying. By 8pm we decided to head home to get WILD man to bed. I went to bed with my phone next to me hoping they'd call and low and behold at 10:30pm my phone rang and Morgan shouted "we found her!!!". Hallelujah!!!

So that was Saturday's adventure and the rest of the weekend we just chilled and Cope and his buddies did all sorts of Man things like riding four wheelers, canoeing, and kayaking down the Etowah. Oh, and when we had the bad storms on Saturday morning, lighting hit our neighbors house and somehow knocked our Internet (modem and all) out. Oh, and because they got his by lightning 5 firetrucks showed up to check it out. Ramsey was stoked!!!

Other then that we just enjoyed having Cope's buddies here. Cope really does have such nice friends. They we both excellent with Ramsey and we're willing and happy to play trains and cars bright and early each morning. They were such gentlemen and always offered to help me with whatever I was doing. So Brent and Alex you are welcome anytime. Ramsey already misses his buddies.

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jill said...

so so so glad the pups are safe and sound! mine getting out is one of my greatest fears. love that sweet boy in his cars jamas!!!! :)