Monday, April 19, 2010

St.Simons Part 1

We headed to St.Simons on Friday for a friend of Cope's family that was getting married. We met up with Cope's parents in Atlanta and from there all rode together down to the beach. It was an easy ride. We first stopped at the dwarf house for lunch as Chic-fil-a is quickly becoming Ramsey's favorite lunch spot. After lunch Ramsey took his nap on the car ride and soon after he woke up Cope declared he needed a potty break so he got off on the next exit and to our surprise this just happened to be a gas station with a small, kid friendly, yet very cool animal place. You could buy a bag of animal food for $1 and then walk over in this pasture and feed the animals.
They had the biggest, prettiest bull I had ever seen. He was so sweet and gentle and just let us throw the food in his mouth.
Ramsey was brave enough to feed the the goats. There was also ducks, geese, and an emu. What a great little stop and of course I also let Ramsey run his little legs off in the big pasture.


Cristin said...

I'm pretty sure we stopped at that same exit a couple of years ago! The bathroom in the gas station was gross to me so we changed Marlie on the hood of our car!

Erin Duvall said...

Too funny. Gas and animals. What more could a boy want?