Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt at Pre School

Ramsey had his little Easter Egg hunt at Pre School yesterday morning. It was so nice outside and parents and family and friends were invited to come as well. My Mom,Morgan, and my sister came. Ramsey was WILD. Seriously, you would have thought we never let this kid out of the house or that he had been currently raised by a pack of wolves. He acted as though he knew no discipline or self control. He was running all over the place. I think he really just gets super excited and he likes to think he is showing off his skills of awesome-ness. Well, he got a time out right there in the sidewalk. Other then that it was a great little morning!
He decided he didn't want Mom to help him hunt eggs and only wanted his teacher Miss Kay to help him. Little stinker.
Ramsey and his best buddy Ty:Exhausted from running around like a crazy person:
TIME OUT!:Checking out his loot:
Enjoying some party snack with Daddy:

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Kelly Young said...

LOVING the one where he's laying on the path lol :) sweet baby!