Thursday, April 22, 2010

St.Simons Part 4

On Saturday night was the actual wedding so we dressed up and headed out. The wedding was at Sea Palms resort. Very nice! Ramsey is actually getting better at sitting still on occasion with lots of talks, snacks, and threats. Even so he started asking questions (loudly) as soon as the wedding started so Cope took him for a stroll until it was over:The handsome groom, Andrew and his beautiful Bride, Crystal:
After the wedding it was on to the reception, which was a seated dinner. Ramsey tried to entertain himself the best he could:
He spotted several little kids dancing and was assessing the situation before diving in:
You can't tame what is meant to be wild. He hit the dance floor with avengence:
We had a great weekend and Ramsey loved every minute of it which is all this Mommy cares about. Thank you to Cope's parents for enjoying the adventure with us.

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Erin Duvall said...

cute pics. Ava would never sit through a wedding.