Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Decorating

Friday afternoon we went over to my Mom and Morgan's house to dye Easter Eggs. It was fun but messy. Morgan had his Grand Daughter, Ansley over to spend the night so they invited Ramsey to stay the night too. We all enjoyed making some interesting eggs and Ramsey favorite party was panting on them.
Cope hard at work:

Master Painter:
Ansley concentrating on her design: My favorite egg:
Ramsey got an early bath after decorating egg and got quickly settled in with his newest bud Ansley to watch a movie. Mom said having the two of them was almost easier then just entertaining one. She also said Ansley was great with Ramsey and didn't mind having a shadow too much.

Happy Easter everyone! I'll be back with pictures tomorrow after WILD man sees what sort of look the bunny brought.

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