Friday, April 9, 2010

Your Dog Ate What???

Our little French Bulldog, Bentley has always been a peculiar dog or what we refer to as high maintenance. He has always been a vomiting dog due to what we believe is reflux but over the past month or so he has been vomiting up to 5 times a day. I took him in to the vet and we first tried cough medicine, then another med, but he was still throwing up (more then usual). So I called the vet and they suggested we do some x-rays to make sure he didn't have a mass that was upsetting his stomach. So I drop him off bright and early Monday morning and by 10:00am I get a call from the vet asking if I was missing a sewing needle? Huh, what, No, OMG!!! I knew what he was saying but what I feared most would have to be done. He would need stomach surgery right away. I feared surgery because I used to work at that vet and helped to a small surgery on Bentley to remove a cyst from his eye. I witnessed how he does NOT do well under anesthesia. I gave the go ahead but I truly wasn't sure if B would make it out of surgery or not. I cried, I worried, I prayed and at 1:00pm they called and said Bentley was doing good and was waking from his anesthesia. They were able to remove the entire 1.5 inch needle from his belly. Hallelujah!!!!!

I was able to bring Bentley home the next morning, along with 5 medicines, special food, a 4 inch incision, and a big vet bill. Who cares about the small stuff as long as Bentley is home. It is funny you know, once you have kids the dogs get less of you in the chaos of life. I got a firm reminder that they are family members and life is less when there not around.

Please keep Bentley in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to heal. Oh, and yes I am keeping better track of my sewing needles these days.


Cristin said...

Poor guy! I hope he has a quick and easy recovery. Just a few months ago, my parents dog managed to "eat" a peach pit and it got stuck. They had to go in and cut open his intestine to get it out.
Crazy dogs - but we love them regardless!

Katie Jones said...

Poor Bentley! I'm so glad you got to the bottom of the throwing up, though. Hoping for a smooth recovery!

Scott and Katie said...

So glad Bentley is ok. How exactly do you swallow a needle? Ouch. My cousins dog swallowed a baby sock and had to have surgery like Bentley. Poor Buddy

Jenn said...

Oh no! Poor puppy. I hope Bentley is feeling better.

Erin Duvall said...

oh my gosh. scary. so glad Bentley is okay. hope he has an easy recovery. our idiot dog eats everything too. i'm sure it's a matter of time before we're in the same boat.