Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beach Trip Part 4

Saturday of our beach trip we checked out of our condo on the beach and headed to the Omni hotel in downtown Jacksonville. Nice hotel! We chilled out in the room and the after naps got dressed for the main event, Andrews wedding. We were nervous having Ramsey at the wedding since he was the only kid there and not always the quietest guest, We bribed him by telling him he could pick out a lego toy if he stayed very quiet the whole time. Yep, we are those type of parents. Don't judge. He did great! Not a peep!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thacker. Liza was beautiful:
Our crew at the reception (Allister, My sister Paige, and Cope):

Ramsey took this picture of Cope and Me:

Me and My Dad (AKA Pops)

Pops and his little buddy:

Our Little Family:

Allister and Paige:Tom, Megan, Liza, and Andrew:Wiped out on the way back to the hotel:The next morning at brunch before we headed home to Georgia: We had a blast the whole week. So relaxing! Vacations sure take on a whole new meaning when your a working Mom. I know now how to take full advantage of time away and just chill out!

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