Monday, July 11, 2011

Beach Trip Part 1

Last Tuesday we headed down to Jacksonville. Florida for a beach week concluding in my Step-Brother, Andrews wedding. My Dad and Donna had rented a 3 bedroom condo for us all to share. It was tight with 8-10 people at a time but fun to all be together. Everyone played with Ramsey and I can honestly say we will probably never go on vacation without family again because it is soooo much easier with a kid. Ramsey had a constant playmate and if Cope and I wanted to do something someone was more then willing to help watch Ramsey. It was such a fun, relaxing week. We stayed up late, slept late, and took naps like it was our job. The weather was mostly perfect too!

View from our balcony:

Ramsey relaxing after coming in from the beach:
Snacking on the balcony:

The night we got there it was my 31st Birthday so we went to a seafood place that was delicious!:

Me and my guy:

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Katie Jones said...

Looks like fun! And yes, vacations with family = much easier and more fun!