Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramsey's Idea of child care

Ramsey's best buddy Ty is going to be a big brother and Ramsey and I were talking about it. I asked Ramsey if he wanted a little brother or sister one day and he said "Yes, so I'll have someone to play with me". I said but do you also realize that would mean mommy would have to divide her time with you and a baby. He said "Mom, you can just put them in one of those chair things (meaning a bouncy seat) " . Then he said "or you can just put it in the car in their car seat". So easy in a child's mind. I wish it were so easy :)

Truth be told I am really happy with just one child for now. Who knows what the future holds but for now am so satisfied. I can't imagine Ramsey being an only child but GOD totally knew what he was doing when he gave us Ramsey. He is like 10 kids in 1. So thankful for my WILD child!

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Jenn said...

That would save so much money on childcare costs! Ramsey might be on to something :)