Monday, August 15, 2011

St.Simons Part 1

Cope took the day off of work this past Friday and we headed for a quick last summer vacation in St.Simons. Cope's parents have a few weeks each year at a condo there. Cope's sister and her girls were there (Derrick had to stay back home and work). We arrived Friday around lunch and the fun began. After lunch Cope and Ramsey took a nap and Julie, Judy, Mattie, and I all went to the Bailey Boys store. It is their warehouse store so things are like 1/2 price. I got this cute little outfit below that I adore:

We went to dinner Friday night at Iguanas and it was super yummy. I had crab legs and was in heaven!:

Ramsey munched on crackers while he waited on his dinner:
Cope got steamed oysters which I think are gross but he LOVES:

After dinner we his the big playground nearby:

Silly boy:

King of the mountain:

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