Friday, August 19, 2011

One Last Summer field Trip

Monday Ramsey and I were invited on an Aquarium adventure with my our friends Metta and her two boys, Connor and Landon. Ramsey and Connor are in the same class at pre-school and are big buds. They were so happy to see each other. Thanks to Metta and her season passes Ramsey and I got in the aquarium for FREE! We had a great day. The kids were pretty well behaved minus one incident at the penguin exhibit (couldn't find Ramset for about 20 minutes while he was in the penguin tunnel and refused to come out, needless to say I was furious and he had to get a spanking). We had lunch in the cafe there and just enjoyed a mommy/kid day with our little cuties:

3 sweet boys:

Landon practicing his cruising skills:

Showing off their loot from the gift shop. Of course Ramsey picked out legos:

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