Saturday, January 12, 2013

Legoland and Birthday Parties!!!

Saturday was a LONG but AWESOME day! We started with a trip to Legoland in Atlanta for their "Star Wars Days'. We had gone this past summer but it being "Star Wars Day" made it WAY better! Ramsey had a blast! If my kiddo is happy and I can be part of that I am a happy Mommy. After Lego Land we headed to his friend Connor's party at bounce U and then it was back to Cartersville for his friend Harper Cole's party. Again, long day but really great and sooo fun! Here are some pics from our adventure:

Ramsey playing at Legoland:
 Ty, Ramsey, and Kobey playing in a Lego pitt:

 About to test out his creation on the test track:
 Shawnee and Kobey:
 Making a mosaic Lego Tile:
 Kelly and Ty on one of the rides:
 Ready to ride:
 Chewy and the boys:
 Ty, Ramsey,and Kobey:

 Giving each other a pep talk:
 Hey to Chewy:
 Intense Star Wars Pose:

Making decisions in the Lego store:

Time to meet the characters!!!!:

 Then it was on to Connor's party at Bounce U:

 Next Stop... Harper Cole's Party:

 Last Stop Mexican for dinner and this is what Ramsey made from his tortilla:

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Jenn said...

That Ramsey is one busy little boy!