Friday, August 7, 2009

Talking More and More

Ramsey is adding tons of new words to his vocabulary these days. He has started putting two words together. Just this morning his dropped a car on my foot and I said "ouch" and he said "Mom Hurt" and gave me a hug. So Sweet! Also, as you can tell from these videos he repeats everything I say so I have to be careful. Yesterday I was putting him in the car and realized I had forgot something inside and I said "shoot, shoot, shoot" to which he repeated it immediately. Great. Anyway, somethings he says I still have trouble understanding but usually within a day or two he'll pronounce his new words more clearly so I can make it out. I just love this stage and communicating with Ramsey is so fun. Oh, and he is also on this kick where every question I ask him is answered with "no". (again, if you have trouble veiwing the videos just hit refresh at the top)

Oh, and he just found his Bumbo seat again and thinks it is awesome. Can you believe he still fits in it? He does see it and say "baby" but he still likes it. Also, I've forgotten to mention how much he likes watching his own videos on the blog. He giggles and say's "more, more" and he loves the new blog header with the pudding. When he see it he says "ummm!!!!".

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jill said...

oh my GOSH he's so cute and precious and smart!!! sophie b is on the same NO kick. except hers involves real kicking. and hitting. and screaming. hellloooo terrible 2's.