Sunday, August 30, 2009

Movie Tent

I got this neat idea from my friend Heather to do a sort of "camp in" and watch a move with Ramsey. We ate dinner early, Cope set up this very cool tent while I cleaned the kitchen, Cope gave Ramsey his bath and put on his PJ's and the we were off to the movies in the playroom. Ramsey was super excited to see the tent and get his flashlight. We rented Madagascar and he seemed to think it was all really cool for at least 30 minutes before it lost his attention and he decided to rome around the playroom. He thought the tent made for an excellent drive through for his cars and trucks. We didn't even care because we watched the movie in relative peace and WILD man had a great time. We might just make this a weekly event? (ok, maybe not every week but it was fun for all!)


The Brown Family said...

Yea a Camp-in! I told you if was fun. She watched about 20-30 mins of Toy Story 2 and then it was like "let's just play with the flash-lights". I'm glad you tried and liked it! We are making it a monthly occurance

jill said...

how neat!!! glad r had a blast. y'all make me feel like a total slacker parent with all the fun places you go and the cool stuff you do. kudos, mom!!!!

Christine said...

I grew up with Sunday night Disney movies and to this day I always feel like Sunday night is perfect with a movie to wind down!