Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crazy Day

Yesterday my friend Kelly invited me and Ramsey to go to Roswell and shop at her favorite kids consignment store and then check out Trader Joe's for some organic kids snacks. I was thrilled for a morning of shopping and Ramsey adores Ty who is 2 and 1/2 years old. We buckled the boys in their seats in the back of Kelly's Tahoe and off we went. The boys were wild. If one screamed they both screamed. If one laughed they both laughed. I was thinking if this wasn't my kid making all that noise I might shoot myself at that moment. The consignment store was great! I got Ramsey lots of fall/winter items for very good prices. They had this enclosed play area where you can stick your child while you shop. Perfect! Except that 2 minutes later I hear a store clerk getting on to Ramsey and I peer around the clothes rack to see him climbing on kiddie kitchen set to get over the barrier wall. Humm? So the kind lady suggest I get one of their strollers for sale and use it while I shopped. Now, I had a fussy, poopy, WILD man trying to pull clothes off the hangers and anything else that could possibly make his Mommy go insane. We got out of there as quickly as possible but did end up with some cute things.

Next we had to run pick up some satellite dishes for her husbands work. It was only like 10 minutes away so no biggie. When we got to the place Kelly ran in and I sat in the car with the boys. I was playing with them and making Ramsey and Ty both laugh by saying funny words and making faces. Ramsey got the hiccups but continued to laugh so hard that he got choked and started vomiting. Not , just a little but full on emptying his entire tummy vomit. Now this has never happened before but once I realized WILD man was ok and the spewing was over. I just sat still for about 30 seconds, breathed a few cleansing breaths and started the clean up. I stripped Ramsey down, used every wipe I could find, and got him and his car seat cleaned up in the 5 minutes Kelly was in the store. When she can out she said "what in the world happened" all she had to do was take one good whiff of the spoiled milk spelling vomit and enough said. Thankfully I had just bought the before mentioned fall/winter clothes so Ramsey wore a winter jon jon the rest of the shopping day.

We had lunch at Atlanta Bread company. YUMMY! Then it was off to Trader Joes. Now, I had never been there before but Kelly talks of its glory often. It was just as wonderful as she described. They make most all of there organic products so it is much cheaper then in the regular stores. I got lots of new snacks for Ramsey to try and his favorites so far are the crunchy veggie sticks and the fruit roll ups. I will be going back for sure. By the time we got home it was almost 4:00 and our morning of shopping turned into a full day, but it was so much fun. When I put Ramsey to bed last night he was asleep within 1 minute and slept hard all night. I did too. I should have gotten some of the good vomit pictures but instead just got two happy boys enjoying their travels...


jill said...

oh my GOSH!!!! sounds like you're having one of my days! post pictures of the fall and winter goodies you bought r! i LOVE the new header picture of the wild man and his pudding!!!

THANK YOU so much for the sweet words about my tom. he is finally home and resting. he got pretty skinny and is really weak and tired, but at least he's here with us. you're the best. :)

Adam and Kimmy plus Reese! said...

There would have been a Mommy and Daddy yakking right there with him on that one....ugh....Gives me juicy jaws just thinking about it.