Monday, September 6, 2010

How Ramsey Spent the Georgia Game...

Since Saturday was the first UGA game and the opening day of dove season we taped the UGA game and watched it that evening. Ramsey was pumped to watch the Bulldogs and spent the game being very busy:

He ate snacks:
He watched intensely:

He thought there was a fumble:

He played:

He sat still for about 2 seconds with Daddy: He did some exercising:

He yelled at the TV: And yelled some more:

He rested in between plays:

He worked on his muscles:

I just love football season and the family gatherings it brings. Saturdays have a purpose, cool breeze is in the air, the food is great, and it is just something about college football in the south that makes me super happy we live in Georgia and the Dawgs are our team!

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