Saturday, June 1, 2013

Annual Summer Fun at Lake Winnie

At the beginning of every summer my Mom and Morgan take their grand kids for a super fun day at Lake Winnie amusement park in Tennessee. This was our best year yet! The weather was great, the kiddos we all extremely well behaved. Me and my Step-Sister Peggy tagged along to help with the 4 kiddos. Here are some pics from our adventure:

Ansley, Ramsey, Connor, and Sophia:
 Peggy and Sophia on Dumbo ride:
 Classic kiddo boats:
 Motorcycle man:
 Whale ship:
 Of course he had to pick the jeep:
 Sophia, Peggy, and Connor ready for the boat ride:
 Happy boy:
 Mom, Connor, and Ramsey:

 Sack Sliding with Nama:
 Morgan, Connor, and Ramsey:
 Stopping for a pic:
 Everyone on board for a kids roller coaster:
 A little break at the splash park:

 Frog Hopper with Aunt Peggy:
 Train ride:
 Little Sophia was tired by the end of the day:
 Making a decision at the gift shop:

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