Friday, June 14, 2013

Kobey's Birthday Party

 Our friends son Kobey turned 7 this past weekend. For those who don't know Kobey he was adopted from the Ukraine at age 3 by his parents Kevin and Shawnee. He was meant to be their son and o one who has met this trio would say different. God has a way a making families for sure. This past weekend was his 7th birthday party and we are always eager to celebrate such a wonderful event. Cope even champed up and dressed as Vader:

 Ramsey and his Father:
 Chewbacca was actually Colin Barber (punt kicker for the Georgia Dawgs!)
 Saber wars:
 Chewie as war:
 Vader(Cope) getting attacked:
 Vader and his son:
 In action:
 His crew:
 The whole party crew:

Vader and his loves:
 My Villain:
 About to put his death strike on Season:
 Water slide after lunch:

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