Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Party at Preschool

Ramsey's little class of cuties had a small Valentines party yesterday. I wasn't in charge of the party but went anyway just because Ramsey asked me if I would come. I love that I have created a job that is soooo flexible. I love to see Ramsey interact with his classmates. It was a cute little party with cookies, cheetos, grapes, and cheezits. I love to watch all the kiddos mainly because it gives me renewed faith in Ramsey. I mean some of those kids are wild! The teachers try bless their hearts but man I couldn't do it. In fact two little boys started to actually fight and Ramsey got in their face and yelled "cooperate!" This is his latest new word his Nama taught him. Then we got a valentine from each of his buddies and more candy too!

This little table is only 1/2 of the class. There is a whole other table of little boys too.
Ramsey and his best girl Annabelle:


Deb said...

"COOPERATE" - the foundation for a more peaceful, enjoyable pre-school and play dates with Nama!

Jenn said...

What a smart little boy! We were just catching up on the lives of the Rowells' and laughing at how funny Ramsey is! Enjoy your weekend :)