Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Celebration at Megan and Toms

Last Friday we went to Lawrenceville to celebrate Christmas with my Dad and Donna and Megan (Donna's daughter) and Tom (Megan's husband). Again, I could call them my step-sister and step-brother-in-law but they are more like friends and since we didn't grow up together I prefer to think of them as good quality friends who we always enjoy spending time with. Megan and Tom hosted at the fabulous house in Lawrenceville. We had a wonderful dinner that made by Tom. He's a great cook! The night was super fun and it is always just relaxing and easy to be around them.

Megan, Tom, and Harper the Bulldog: Megan, Paige (my sister), and Me:

Dad and Donna:

Dad and Ramsey. Dad had back surgery 2 weeks earlier (the second back surgery in 3 years) so he couldn't pick Ramsey up but still made him laugh:Donna, Dad, and Ramsey:Ramsey's Lego helicopter from Dad and Donna. He was stoked!:

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