Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best of 2008

I've always wanted to do a list about my favorite things for that year but never had the forum to do so. Well, just another reason to love blogging. Try doing your own list of copying from mine. It is just a good way to reflect a little.

2008 Favorite List

1) Favorite evening TV show: The Office
2) Favorite store: Publix and Target
3)Favorite Movie: Night In Rodanthe
4)Person (other than family) your most grateful for this year: Pediatrician
5) Favorite song: Jason Miraz-I'm Yours
6)Favorite baby product (for those with kids of course): Baby Video Monitor
7) Best Party/ Get Together: Ramsey's 1st Birthday. Cope was finally home from Iraq and it was our first party in our new house
8)Favorite new technology discovery: Blogging and making blog books at
9)Favorite new thing learned about your spouse (or significant other): Cope is braver and stronger than I will ever be and even when I am at my whits end he can calm me down no matter how far away he is.
10)Favorite Day: The day Cope layed eyes on his son for the first time at the Atlanta airport. Ramsey was 6 months old.

Best Part of 2008: Watching Ramsey grow from a tiny baby into an active and loving little boy, Cope coming home safely from Iraq after 14 LONG months, and buying our first home and loving it!


Erin and Nate said...

I love Jason's funny because I play I'm Yours for Finley to calm him down when he's fussy. It's right there on my ipone on hand so I can play it for him sing along and rock him to the beat. For some reason it works every time!! I was actually going to post something about that. Oh and good choice in the Office.

Jennifer said...

Tara, don't sell yourself short. You are one of the bravest and strongest women I know!