Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bean Bag Boy

Cope got a Wii for Christmas along with Rock Band so we set it up in the entertainment area in the playroom on our old TV. We haven't had any seating so Cope and I thought bean bag chairs would be the perfect option for a play room. I found some cool UGA ones in Calhoun the other day and they work perfectly. Last night Cope and I we're up there with Ramsey and we we're all playing in the floor. Cope and I we're talking about what we were wanting for dinner when we turned around to find Ramsey just chillin in one of the bean bags and watching the TV. I mean he was seriously lounging. We were laughing so hard but I had the camera close so I snapped a few pics of our little funny man.

We decided to stay in to ring in the 2009 New Year. We put Ramsey to bed, ordered Chinese, and watched a funny movie. I laugh thinking about our previous New years together and how going out was our main focus but after having been apart so long staying in this year seemed very appropriate and very enjoyable.

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