Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Canvas Painting with Ramsey

A few days before Ramsey started Pre-K my Mom and I took Ramsey canvas painting at a local paint place that holds open paint hours during the day. I have done lots of canvas painting since it has become popular over the past few years and Ramsey always ask when he can do one. So I promised him before school started I would take him and this Momma is good on her word. He was so excited and at first was going to paint a hunting type picture for his Daddy but once he saw spiderman was an option he quickly changed his mind. Here are some pics from our adventure:

Ready to paint:

Getting Started:
 Drying before moving on:
 Mom did a UGA painting:
 I did a holiday one:

Tah Dah! Ramsey's finished Spiderman:

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Brandi Beals said...

This looks awesome! They have to have something like this in TX!!