Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday Night Football Fun

This past Friday night we (Cope, Me, Ramsey, and our friends Heather, Stephen and their little girl Addison) headed to Gainesville to my Dad's football game. He is the head football coach for Gainesville High School. I try to take Ramsey to at least one game a year and the older he gets the more fun we have. Here are some pics from our super fun adventure:

Ramsey and Addison:

Addison and her Mommy Heather: Go Red Elephants!:

My Dad's wife Donna thought it would be fun to have the kids ride the bus the 2 miles from the school to their field downtown with the football players and coaches. They LOVED it! I was so proud of them for being so brave:

So excited to be on a real school bus:They got do get off the bus and do the elephant walk with "Pops":

Ramsey and his handsome Daddy:

Stomp Em':

Coach Pops and his biggest fan:

2 cuties ready for the game to start:

Ramsey dancing to the band:


They also got their pictures made with the cheerleaders. Ramsey just loves the "red gwirls" he has been studying this picture ever since:

Gainesville beat Oconee County 66-7. Fun game!:

He loved running around on the field after the game:

Good game Pops!
Addison and Ramsey loved "Mary Michael". Her Dad won a raffle to be assistant coach for a week and game it to his 10 year old daughter for her birthday since she loves football so much. The little kids totally thought she was a celebrity:

The whole gang:The after affects of a great time!:


Brandi Beals said...

How lucky is Ramsey!

cindy glawson said...

Great pictures! Ramsey looks like he was the coach during the Pre-game walk. SO CUTE!