Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tailgate Party at Preschool

Yesterday at Ramsey's preschool was the annual tailgate party. Each of the kids comes with a parent and dresses up in their favorite football teams colors. It's a fun morning filled with wild little boys, games, prizes, and a little snack picnic. Here are some pics from the morning:

Ramsey at the bubble station:

Posing for Mommy with Laffy Taffy in his mouth:

Ready to throw the football through the hoop for a prize: He Loved these sticker things on his face:

This game was race around the cow:

Ramsey and one of his best buddies Thomas:

Our Little UGA boy:

He has the best group of little friends at school. They are all good kids with super nice parents. I feel so grateful we have found such a good preschool for Ramsey:

Conversation with buddy Connor over what each other brought for snack. Serious Stuff:

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kelly young said...

love the one of all the 'guys' sitting around talking. Fast forward ten years :-)