Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yeah for Cope

Cope got awarded the Bronze Star yesterday. I asked him exactly what such a medal is awarded for and he said "basically it's for being a Bad Ass". Hum...well then, I can think of no one more deserving :) Really though, I am very happy for him. Often in the past he has gotten passed over in the medal/award department. Cope is one of those guys you'd want on your team as he always gets the job done. He does what he is supposed to and doesn't need lots of accolades but it is nice that he got a little personal victory at the end of this VERY LONG deployment. Way to go babe! We're very proud of the work you've done!
Cope on Right and his buddy Steve on the left. Nice hats guys:

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Christine said...

Congrats Cope! (& Coleman, too) You guys look like you are ready to come home. Can't wait to see you live and in person.