Sunday, October 12, 2008

Man of the House

Ramsey is the man of the house until Cope gets here in a few weeks. He has been very busy exploring every inch of the new space. We're loving it and getting used to making a new routine in our new house. All we need now is Cope to make it feel like HOME. On a different note I have totally lost my voice today. I have not been able to answer my phone or even talk to my child. Ramsey just looks at me weird when I try to whisper and he is loving that I can't yell "NO, NO" when he heads toward a power cords. Oh, and did I mention I forgot I couldn't talk when I decided to go to the drive thru at Zaxby's tonight? Well, lets just say they eventually figured my order out. The nice worker there even came out to the car to give Sage and Bentley (our dogs) some chicken strips. She must of loved dogs because she stood there just feeding them chicken for about 10 minutes. Now they have gas but at least they got out for a little joy ride.
Ramsey testing out the new baby gates:

He loves to hang from the iron rails on the balcony:
Playing in his playroom:
This was my audience during my bath time. I think Ramsey's expression says it all:
He had to stop for a quick rest in Sage's pillow:

Hanging out in the play yard. Notice he is standing on a toy to enhance his view:


Jennifer said...

Looks like he is learning more and more ways to get into EVERYTHING! Cope is coming home just in time to help you chase Ramsey around the house. See you guys soon! :)

Christine said...

He already looks so comfortable. Can these guys please just get home already!