Friday, October 31, 2008

1st Ear Infection

Ramsey has his first ear infection. He has held off on getting one for almost 11 months and I'll be darn if he didn't get his first one here in New York while trying to enjoy much needed time with his Daddy. Ramsey has been super fussy all week. He had a cold until about Wednesday and we thought the worst was over but he continued to be ultra whiny and not eat or sleep well. After a stressful night last night we put Ramsey in the bed with us where he proceeded to basically attack me all night by grabbing my face, laying all over me, and crying at least every hour. When he cried during his morning bottle I decided we had to do something so Cope and I took him to the medical center at Ft. Drum where we were seen right away. Ramsey who is usually super happy at the doctor acted like every touch was like literally killing him. Yep, we were those people in the office. The ones you think are probably awful parents for letting their child get to the that screaming state. Well, once the doctor saw him he checked his ears and right away said they looked pretty bad. We now have oral antibiotics which we have to give him 3 times a day. Imagine wrestling a wild tiger and you can understand what it is like to give Ramsey his meds. So flying back to GA tomorrow with a kid with already painful ears should be swell fun. We'll get through it...we always do. Now that I know something is really paining him I feel sorry for the little guy and when he does laugh or smile I know he is trying to be brave. Needless to say is has been a long week with an unfamiliar Ramsey but having Cope here has made a huge difference. Maybe it is not the welcome home we we're both hoping for but we're parents and we're in this together for better or for worse.

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Family Oliver said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear Mr. Ramsey has ear infections! We know what you're going through. Actually, Luke has ear infections again, too, his third. Just when we thought he was all better, more antibiotics. Those meds can be super rough on their bums, make sure you use a good barrier cream to ward off diaper rash.