Sunday, October 19, 2008

Burt's Pumpkin Farm

Cope's parents came to our house this morning to take Ramsey and I to Burt's Pumpkin Farm. It was a fun little afternoon trip and Ramsey seemed to enjoy it. The crowd looked like something you'd see at Six Flags but even though the lines were long we managed to get on the hayride. Ramsey loved it! He stood up and would giggle and grin the whole way.
Ramsey ready for the pumpkin farm:Hey Mom, these pumpkins are bigger than me:This one is more my size:Mommy and me Checking out the Indian corn:Posing with Grammy and Grampy:Standing with some new friends:Excited about the hay ride:There were even talking pumpkins along the way:

Here is a short little video I got of how much fun he was having:

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Christine said...

You look great Tara! We haven't seen a pic of you lately. You look a tan and fit. I bet your hubby can't wait.