Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What the Rowells Are Up To

What are we up to? Our ankles in snow. Yes, a snow storm came through yesterday leaving at least 6 inches of snow on the ground. It might be more like a foot but I've yet to venture out to see for sure. The snow plows are running and people are out and about as if it is no big deal. If this were occurring in Georgia the grocery stores would be wiped out and schools would be closed for days. It is a different lifestyle up here but I much prefer the milder south.

We are staying cozy in our hotel room. It is getting smaller by the day. Ramsey is getting over his cold and getting to know Cope again. Ramsey has also decided he doesn't want to sleep in the hotel crib and around 2am cries to get into the bed with us. Now, if anyone knows me they know co-sleeping is the one thing I don't do. I just think it is a habit that is horribly hard to break. But at 2am when he is crying and Cope has to get up at 6am for work (yes, Cope had to start work again today. 14 months deployment and 48 hours off. Makes good sense huh?) we put Ramsey in the bed and he quickly snuggled up and stayed asleep till 8am. I have a hard time knowing the right answer and also letting him cry it out when he has a cold, we're in a hotel room, and he can see Mom and Dad from the crib, I don't know a better solution then sleep and whatever works. I know when we are back home I can get him back into the crib sleeping groove. For now I suppose it is fine and at least we are all together.

Cope is rolling with life with an almost 11 month old. He doesn't complain when we have to get ready for bed at 8:30 so as not to disturb Ramsey drifting off to sleep. He doesn't complain that we aren't staying out partying with our friends. I think he is just happy to be home safely and he sees that even in the craziness that life with Ramsey is much more rewarding then anything that we've ever done before.

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KatieMGreen said...

i've been following you guys and so excited that Cope is home! :)
So will Cope just transfer jobs down to Georgia? What does he do?
I am so happy you are all together as one family now and can enjoy all the holidays together!!!