Friday, October 10, 2008

Digging A Little Deeper

Today was one of those days where you have to dig a little deeper to find the strength and energy to get through it. Today was moving day and my Mom and I both woke up with fevers and feeling like poop. Around mid morning we decided we could muddle the strength to get the box springs and mattress to the truck from the basement and we also had to take Ramsey's crib apart and then reassemble it at our new place. We were like zombies but my mom knew how determined I was to move that we drove on. We laughed through the runny noses and by lunch we were totally moved in. Not bad for too very sick ladies and not to mention we had to wrangle a certain little boy the whole time. Actually Ramsey has been quite the little trooper today and even had a 2 hour nap in his new room. Hopefully tonight will go smoothly as well. It is the first illness I've had since Ramsey was born and not being able to crawl up in the bed and whine is hard. Ramsey still needs a mom and today was no different. So we played and organized the day away. Now that he is down I am off to take a hot bath in our new tub and hope to feel much better tomorrow. Even in the sickness I am still enjoying being in our own home very much.


Cristin said...

I'm glad y'all survived and you're in your new house! That bath sounded so nice - I won't take on here.

MaryBeth said...

Happy to read that you guys are settled into your new house. I just wanted to say thanks for the suggestion and I'll be trying a trip to the movies very soon!

Katie said...

So happy for you guys to be moving onto this next chapter in your lives. Your new home is beautiful and I'm so glad that my best friend has established roots here in Cartersville!!!!