Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Give Me a Break!

You have got to be kidding me? So upon moving into our new house I felt it would be more safe if we had a security system installed. In order to do so we needed a home phone line for them to connect it to. There is an option of doing a remote system but the initial cost was pretty steep. Cope and I have not had a home phone line in 3 years and instead just use our cell phones. I knew we should get a home phone now that we actually have a home for 911 purpose so I just went with the most basic plan. The security system is going just fine and it does offer me piece of mind. The issue is that I finally decided to plug in the land line this afternoon and once I did I got FIVE telemarketer calls in a matter of 1 hour. What in the world? I mean seriously... GIVE ME A BREAK! If this keeps up we are seriously going to have to re-evaluate this whole phone thing.


KatieMGreen said...

we had to do the same thing. We just unplugged the phone! It was terrible!

Cristin said...

Go here if you haven't already:

I did that and it helped a ton.
I also just keep our phone on silent all the time.

Are y'all going to Gold Rush?