Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Toddlers Dream

Ok, so if any of you parents find yourself going nuts with a WILDtoddler an your heels try this this easy at home activity. Friday night Cope made Ramsey a little makeshift fort by just draping a blanket over part of the coffee table and sofa. Also, giving them a flashlight is a must. Ramsey was in awe of his new little space. We had to drag him away at bedtime. Yesterday morning first thing he said when I greeted him was "tent" and went strait for it when we got downstairs. Also, we were headed out last evening and couldn't find his crocs anywhere. We tore the house apart only to find them sitting in his little space/fort. I suppose I just need to get more creative on days were just hanging out at home because this little activity was super.

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Erin said...

What is it with boys and their flashlights? Nate must have 100 and Finley is also in awe of them and starting his collection? This is super cute. I love the look on Ramsey's face... like hey, you are in MY fort? Just all hunkered down with sippy and flashlight. Amazing what you can come up with to entertain kids. I have a feeling that "tent" is going to be a new ritual in the Rowell household??