Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've mentioned before that Cope joined the National Guard which means he has drill one weekend each month and then annual training 2 weeks a year. His annual training takes place at Ft. Stewart in Savannah. He had to be down there by yesterday (Monday) morning. Since we haven't gone on a vacation due to Cope's new work schedule and us just being glad to all be home together we thought it would be neat to take a mini vacation, go down to Savannah a day before and experience Savannah and River street with Ramsey. I was stoked as I have fond memories of Savannah and parting it up there in my college days.

Saturday night we took the dogs to my Moms and then Ramsey, Cope and I headed out early Sunday morning for the 4.5 hours drive down south. Cope mentioned that his back was sore and as the the morning wore on he started feeling achy. Maybe, I'm not a compassionate wife and sort of brushed it off and thought he'd feel better once we got to River Street. We arrived shortly after 1:00pm and made our way with Ramsey in his stroller bumping along all the cobblestones. I was HOT but we were going to make it fun! That was until about 10 minutes later Cope said "babe, I don't think I can do this much longer, I feel terrible". What??? Is he serious??? I had to pick my Mom up some pralines from River Street Sweets so I dashed in there and then decided I better take Cope seriously and we headed back to the car. Now pushing the stroller UP cobblestone. When we got back to the car, Cope was miserable and I thought he might throw up.

We headed to find a hotel which we thankfully found a nice one fairly quickly. It was only like 2:30 or so at this point so I dropped Cope off to go lay down and Ramsey and I decided to make ourselves busy so we went to the Wal-mart and Target that was near by. I would have headed downtown but didn't want to get too far in case Cope really needed me and besides I am no navigating genius and had no idea where I was.

We got back to the hotel around 5:00. Ramsey was thrilled to finally be able to run WILD and explore the hotel room. I gave Ramsey and me both a shower as we were super gross from traveling and being sweaty all day. Cope had a fever and was laying in the bed. We had planned on meeting some college friends for local seafood for dinner but of course that wasn't going to happen so after I showered I ran out and got some to go junk and we all just stayed in the rest of the evening.

I was so tired and didn't feel like pulling Ramsey pack n play out of the car and decided he could just sleep with me. We got double beds since Cope was sick. When it was bedtime Ramsey took an hour to wind down and poked and prodded my face forever. When he did finally fall asleep just imagine what it would be like to sleep with a wild tiger mauling you all night and you can imagine how much sleep I got. I think I said a few choice words very loudly at some point.

The next morning Cope was feeling a little better. We got things together and took Cope over to Ft.Stewart, said our goodbyes and Ramsey and I headed for home. I have to say Ramsey was really pretty much the perfect traveling buddy. He did amazing in the car. He was such a little trooper and was so well behaved the whole time. I'm not even making this up, he was that good. I even let him pick out some cars at Wal-mart as a reward for being so wonderful. I'm sure he'll pay me back this week now that it is just he and I here, but hopefully not.

Cope is going pretty much the whole month of August for drill and work trips. Thank goodness I have lots of practice at managing the WILD man on my own. We'll miss him, that is for sure. So just to recap, the trip to Savannah was NOT a success. It was NOT a mini vacation. It was basically drive 4 hours to stay in a hotel and drive 4 hours back the next day. I truly don't blame Cope as he really didn't choose to get a 24 hour bug but it was just a fairly poopy experience for us all. Maybe we'll have better luck next time???

I hardly took any pictures but here is what I did get:Bath tub fun at the hotel. Give this kid a tub, an ice bucket, and a cup and he is set for quite a while:Snoozing on the way home. He put his doggie AKA Boomer at his head for a pillow I suppose:


Erin said...

Oh Man. I am so sorry your mini-vacation turned out so awful. I hope Cope is feeling better. Hope you guys dont' get it!! I had to laugh though when you said Ramsey was poking you in the face and it was like sleeping with a wild tiger. I know from experience (I tried to let Finley sleep with me when he was sick this past weekend- not so much). You're thinking "I Love you but seriously if you grab my nose one more time...". Well perhaps there will be another chance for a redo weekend in Savannah? I also wish you a good month of single-parenting again!! You guys are the example of how it's done (well)!!

Erin Duvall said...

That sounds like a sucky trip. Poor Cope, I'm sure he feels bad. Well isn't that just how life goes? That is too funny hearing about Ramsey sleeping with you. I don't think Ava would EVER fall asleep. She jsut wants to get out of the bed and run rampid. She's crazy. I hope things don't get too tough while you're on your own this past weekend and pretty much this month.

Ashley said...

Sorry you guys had a rough time. It's not easy traveling with a little one, much less dealing with illness. Hope everything goes back to normal.

Mylinda said...

Glad Ramsey was in a good mood- a fussy kid would have just been the icing on the cake. I didn't realize Cope would be gone so much this month- stinks for you guys. When Jimmy comes in I'm sooo ready for the second shift to take over.