Sunday, July 12, 2009

Playin in the Dirt

I suppose I had not thought much about what we were going to do this weekend after Morgan's birthday party on Friday night. Cope had drill this weekend which means he was gone his usual times (early morning-early evening) both Saturday and Sunday. I was totally bummed that he had guard drill as I know it means Cope needs a break and so do I. What can you do??? Keep on going is all I could think of so Saturday morning my very generous mother came over to help me work on our yard. Since this is our first house I am slowly getting into yard work. I originally thought I would hate that part of home ownership but I actually find it very rewarding and satisfying as it is really peoples first impression of your home. We take pride in our house. We have worked very hard to be here and I'll be darn if we're going to let it look shabby.

So Ramsey, Mom, and Me moved some previous landscape around and then headed to Lowe's for a new tree (Crape Myrtle) new plant (hydrangea) and pine straw. Ramsey helped us quite a bit and pretended to mow the lawn with his new mower. It was HOT but we got it done. I finished today by adding a few more plants next to the front door and putting out 10 more bails of pine straw. I think I've had 3 showers so far and about a gallon of water today. I'm done now and going to crash for a bit. Long weekend but a satisfying one at that.


jill said...

love your little helper mom! he's so cute! and i really loooooooove crepe myrtles and hydrangeas!!!!! what good taste you have! ha! what color is the crepe myrtle???

Mylinda said...

I'll have to drive by and see your new landscaping! Looks like you did some major renovations! Help me get motivated in my yard- can I borrow your mom:)