Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Putting Out The Vibe

So I think Ramsey is (at least for now) catching my vibe that I am SERIOUS about this discipline stuff. I realize I've let him get away with quite a bit and not been as consistent as I should. I'm not blaming myself, I'm just becoming aware. Today we had a small meltdown in Big Lots and I gave him a time out and made him sit on a low empty display shelf. I asked him if he wanted to behave and have fun and he said "NO", ok then, we all make choices. So he had to be carried or in a buggy the rest of our errand running. Now, that I am becoming more observant I notice that around 5:00 in the afternoon he turns on some type of crazy switch. He literally starts bouncing off the walls, running like a mad man, and yelling loudly (just to hear his own voice). What a treat for Cope when he walks in the door. Anyway, all this is to say we're a work in progress. It will be a long, on going process and I pray for continued patience, understanding, humor through it all. Parenting is quite a pride swallowing experience when it comes to disciplining your toddler but I can say without a doubt I am so thankful for this challenge of trying to raise a healthy, happy, and WILD little man.


Mylinda said...

I love the picture looking down on him in your living room!

jill said...

the pictures are adorable, mom!!!! and about the disicpline ... we're in the same boat. i may have told you this before .. but lots of people (doc included!) have told me that 18-24 months is becoming the new terrible 2's. let's hope. it's not pleasant in sophie b's world these days.