Monday, July 13, 2009

Pool Day

Saturday afternoon my sister Paige and I took Ramsey to the pool. He absolutely loves it there and spends most of his time playing on the steps, running WILD, or eating snacks. He is getting better and better at treading water with his floaties on and keeping his head from going under. He is quite a water bug so far. He also found a neighbors football which he thought was just "cool" (yes, that is one of his latest new words). Even today in the playroom I was sewing a needed a few more minutes to finish so I asked him to go find a football for me. I was thinking that would keep him distracted a least 5 minutes but he came back in about 10 seconds with a football in hand. What a kid! We've enjoyed a lazy Monday after a very busy past weekend which I am super thankful for and lucky for me Ramsey has been very well behaved today with only 1 threat of a time out. I'll take it when I can get it.

He tried reading my sisters book but found it boring with no pictures:


Erin said...

That pool just looks like too much fun!! Ramsey's got it made!! I meant to comment on your post about landscaping around your home. It was the thing I thought I would hate too about home ownership but it's addicting!! Taking care of the plants is somewhat therapeutic (until you kill something :( ). I may plant a lot of stuff but a green thumb I do not have!!

Matt said...

My grandparents are moving to your neighborhood.

Erin said...

So cute. Don't you love those water spouts? Entertainment for hours.