Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday Evening at the River

Saturday evening my Mom invited us to come over for games and a grill out at their river house. It is a little rock house that my Mom has totally remodelled to the point that it is now longer a river cabin but a very nice little weekend home. It is only about 10 minutes form their lake house and in on the Etowah River so there is lots of good fishing and outdoor things to enjoy. On Saturday we enjoyed playing Bean bag toss and croquet (well actually Ramsey and the dogs enjoyed playing with the croquet balls ). Here a Ramsey washing the balls because there was slobber all over them from the dogs (4 bulldogs).
He was supposed to be cleaning off the balls but as you can tell below he thought he'd wash off too.
Hence the reason he is eating in only a diaper here. Nama made him homemade Mac n Cheese which he gobbled up followed by watermelon wedges.

Also, we really enjoyed the Bean bag toss game. Ramsey was busy with his mower in the grass but quickly came over to see what we were doing. I had no idea he'd enjoy it so much but he easily caught on to how the game should be played. He was actually about as good as I was. Next time we're thinking of trying out badminton. Now that should be fun with Ramsey!


Cristin said...

We love cornhole (bean bag toss)! We played it all week on vacation!

Mylinda said...

your camera always takes really great pictures- what kind do you use? Do you edit before posting?